PET Preforms

PET Preform :

We are producing our Preforms using the latest technology from HUSKY for the machines and for the 96 cavity high production moulds. Existing sizes are as mentioned on the Preform leaflets. We are planning to increase this range to include other required sizes.

Our machines are equipped with many Extra options like soft drop system, Preform counter and closed chambers to keep the Preform in hygiene atmosphere without any direct contact with human being.

Our Cooling system is designed specially to maintain the same conditions around the Preform to keep consistent Preform quality within the specifications, all the time.

PET Preform Products :

Choose the products you need from below .

Note :
1-You will find 4 groups (8.2 gm To 19.2 gm), (20.2 gm To 29 gm), (30.3 gm To 39 gm) and (40 gm To 53.5 gm) . click on each group to see the specific products of the group .

2-You will find in the table these 2 words (CSD, MW). CSD : Carbonated Soft Drinks. MW : Mineral Water.

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